Living in a free fall  
Director Karleener (FRANCE)


"Living is a horizontal fall" said Jean Cocteau. The life of Raki, his wife Sibi, then their daughter Eryl is its vertical transposition in a dreamlike and metaphorical animation.


More than just a square  
Director CHINGYU YANG (Taiwan)


Hanzi, as know as Chinese characters, is a graphic writing system. The best way to understand it is to find out the inventors' visual reference of each creation. Let Hannah,a Hanzi model show you how a simple square can become many meaningful symbols.

Mythology Planet
Director Tyrell Latchman (UK)


Witness the exhilarating, invigorating yet devious habitats of Mythology as we follow some truly unique and bizarre creatures in their daily lives! In this short, we join the Chimera on its thrilling journey for a tasty morsel!

Postage and Panicking  
Directors Darya Kruglyakova, James Paradise (UK)


A delivery robot makes a stop at the house of a helpless old lady and soon realises that she is not what she seems.

Director bellopropello (Switzerland)


The diverse communication options offered by a cell phone influence our social and consumer behavior. Excessive use changes the design of <head-down people’s> life and lifestyle habits.

Taking Fright
Directors Phillip Kieffer, Noah Miller (US)


"Homer B. Erdee" is a little red sparrow with a broken wing who chooses to stay home for the winter. While his friends are enjoying the warmer climate down south, Homer is Running low on food, and ventures outside to stock up. However, It appears that the woods have other plans in mind…


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