Director Pegah Pasalar (US)

As the viewer follows a joyful trip to the beach by a family with three young children, innocence and happiness give way to the unthinkable. While the day unfolds on-screen, the audience comes to realize, through subtle audiovisual cues, that a tragedy has occurred: one of the three children has drowned. Decisions are made in a state of shock, and the blurred lines between the rational and irrational interrupt and fragment the journey back home. The parents opt to bring their dead son back in the same car with the two other children pretending as if he is sleeping.

Scenes from a Love Story  
Director Rebecca Xu (China)


The Story chronicles the many years of love and pitiness that bind Sam and Arthur, through 7 years of relationship, writer's block, boredom and inevitability.

The Necklace
Director Peter Halmi (FRANCE)


Maia beautiful Italian woman arrives in Paris to try her luck. For lack of money, she reads out to Michel, the old blind man. Maia learns that Michel keeps a precious necklace. The girl becomes obsessed with the thought that once she will have the valuable jewellery, will be able to fulfill her dreams in Paris. The film is a surrealist image of a female destiny.

Water Running  
Director Rosemary Alexander-Jones (UK)


Based on Victorian Phantom Ride films, this short takes a journey on Lynton's funicular in an artistic, slow cinema exploration of how water runs the town of Lynton in Devon.

Why We Are Unhappy in Cities  
Director Gang Zhao (China)

A youth's life falls into chaos following the breaking of his beloved lighter: his lover leaves him and he loses his job. The youth desperately seeks for a way to fix his lighter as a way to mend his ruined life, but in the process ends up losing the lighter itself.

When the youth finally sees his lighter again, he already has a newly born child, yet seeing the lighter in the hands of a stranger causes the youth to take desperate action ...

This is a movie that explores the relationship between people and things, and at the same time is a fable about city life.

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