AKA - Also Known as...
Director david maybrick (UK)


What happens when you're about to meet the priest for a discussion about the Christening, and your husband wants to call your first child 'Jurgen' ?



Director Robyn Paris (US)


In this dramedy short, a lonely 40-something woman goes to drastic lengths to join the young mom's group that meets outside her window.

Rae's Reverie
Director Rathan Krueger (US)


A woman daydreams about her perfect lover.

Smoking Kills
Director Jacob Gates Orgill (UK)


A recently quit smoker battles his inner demons when he finds himself surrounded by smokers in his local cafe.

Well-Meaning People
Director Charlie Brades-Price (UK)


A short film with an uneaten sandwich, lots of sass and of course some God stuff.

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