The One and Only Jewish Miss America
Director David Arond (US)


“The One and Only Jewish Miss America” is the surprising story of Bess Myerson, the talented beauty queen from the Bronx, and how she won the world’s most famous beauty pageant 75 years ago, at the tail end of World War II. The film follows Bess, the middle daughter of poor Russian immigrants, from her childhood in a one-bedroom Jewish housing project apartment through the suspense-filled pageant.

Warm Hearts
Director Donald Weyand Jr (US)

Members of Flint Association of the Deaf talks about their memories and the Deaf club struggles.


Change The World
Director Angelena Bonet (Austalia)


Born in Australia as Elena Louise Bennett, Angelena describes her evolution in life as the growth from Elli Bennett, world class supermodel to Angelena Bonet, activist, spokesperson, singer and journalist. She is dedicated to stopping the silent epidemic of abuse and to helping others rise above their pain and adversity by making their voices heard.

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