Anatomy of an Arrangement
Directors Anne-Laure Cavigneaux, Claire Lambe (Australia)


In between time and space, two women of different ages converse on identity, womanhood and its inherent challenges. They share emotions, experiences and fears of uncertainty of the choices they had or will have to make.


Above the Angel  
Director Olariu Julian (France)


"Above the angel" or the chronicle of a communist afternoon, is the evocation of a family’s life, the father’s trip to Paris in the 1970s, his missed appointments with his daughter, his past, the flashes of Romania in the 67’s in full totalitarian delirium, the story of his son and his wife, his broken dreams. The search for a few rays of black light, in a universe shared between war, suicide and the present that he will not see.

Director Dominic Guidry (US)


Bystander came about in a stream of consciousness. It was tailored to mirror the absurdist play , “No Exit”, by the existentialist philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre. In the film, and in the play, there are four characters: Joseph, Ines, Estelle, and Boy.
The play is a depiction of the afterlife in which three deceased characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity.

Indelible Winter
Director Ann Huang (US)


A guy is led by his romantic fantasy to a series of twists in life, with a nightmarish ending.

Something for Yourself
Director Alexandria L Vicari (US)


A poetic autoethnographic film full of nuance, contradictions, neurotic behavior, and feelings of being broke and broken in the desperate attempts to find hope and solace.

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