Carrousel : she dance  
Director Jean-Baptiste Roum (Switzerland)


A sweaty girl dance in a beautifull light of an hot and hazy summer day.


Happy Sad Face - Heart Shield
Director Rawn Erickson II (US)


Bigfoot hunter sets out on his final mission to find Sasquatch. He finds it, and they fall in love. Dancing, frolicking, holding hands and making love. Until the creature rips the Bigfoot hunters heart out.

Highland Home  
Director Dan Schaefer (US)


A poignant tale of longing and loss is revealed when a timeworn journal transports a young girl to a place of enchanting wonders

Directors Rhys Tivey, Natalie (US)


"Rodin" music video is an artful mix of sensuality, elegance, rawness, nature, and light.

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