2021 Award Winners

Best Of Festival.

Short Drama: Best Story. Short Drama: Best Screenplay


Director Joy Wilkinson  (UK)


MA’AM is Queen Victoria as you’ve never seen her before. The dark moving story of a woman spiralling under the pressure of expectations.

Best Feature Film. Best Actor: Igor Van Dessel


Fires In The Dark
Director  Dominique Lienhard (France)


In a small 17th century village nestled between the sea and the mountains, fifteen year-old Alan is suddenly forced to begin supporting his mother and siblings after his father sells himself for two years of indentured servitude in an attempt to keep the family from starving.

Best Documentary. Best Documentary Original Concept


Seat 20D
Director  Jill Campbell (US)


When Suse Lowenstein’s son was murdered in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, she leaned on her art, sculpting herself and 75 fellow mothers “stripped” and in the position they fell upon hearing the news. The resultant sculpture garden “Dark Elegy” now resides in the garden of Suse’s Montauk, New York home

Best Short Drama Film


Court Number 5
Director Mickey Cornwell  (UK)


Twin sisters whose parents have gone their separate ways and separate countries. The girls now have a choice of living with mum or dad, in London or Italy, together or apart.

Best Filmed Theatre


Language Games
Director Ralph Lewis (US)


Set in a fictional world of philosophy and language, Sheela arrives for a spirited game of Mah Jong with three great thinkers from the past. As they play, the ghost of artist Joseph Beuys appears as a mythological hare.

Best Comedy Short Film. Best Comedy Short Film Director.


The Hit
Director Jason A. White (US)


When a hardened hit woman falls for her suicidal mark, she learns that having it all may come with collateral damage.



Best Arthouse Short  Film


An Endless Summer
Director Patrick Crellin (Isle of Man)


A new mother has spent longer than expected with her baby daughter due to the Covid lockdown - but now she must confront the post-pandemic return to work.

Best Experimental-Horror


Director JP Thompson (UK)


11PM is the average time when adults go to sleep. It is also the time, according to missing persons data, that most disappearances occur. It is at this hour, when we freely turn off our senses to welcome the nightly rest ahead, that we become our most vulnerable.

Best Horror Short Film


Director George Tsirakidis (Greece)


An isolated man confronts his inner thoughts.

Short Arthouse Film: Best Actor; Dan Chen


Director Dan Chen (US)


In the course of conducting experiments on memory and time during the pandemic, a lovesick scientist with a morbid fear of rejection, makes an unexpected connection.

Short Experimental: Best Original Concept


I Can See You
Director Tracy Satchwill (UK)


There seems to be a disruption to the natural equilibrium of our world. This has become unstable due to a powerful negative force. This force is known as evil, a strong energy that is spreading across the globe.

Feature Film: Best Original Concept


Love Is Not Love
Director Stephen Keep Mills (US)


Early December, New York City, and everyone is on the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and because they haven’t found it, they make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. That is not love in this romantic drama of fantasy, fate, and yearning.

Feature Film: best Story


Director Ryan M. Moore (US)


Emily is a struggling screenwriter who works in an ice cream shop. Emma, the lead character in Emily's screenplay, is a struggling screenwriter who is also secretly “Emmageddon” - a superheroine with the impeccable social graces of a Jane Austen protagonist. Now, Emmageddon must confront Darius, gelato shop owner and art-destroying supervillain, to save all struggling artists everywhere in the universe.

Short Experimental Film: Best Director


Director Julian Olariu (France)


When life on earth is slowly dying out, a child named Ëra sets off to look for another planet to live on. After being stuck in a cryogenic sleep throughout the long journey and failing to discover another possible life in space, he remains a prisoner in his dreamlike universe.


Short Drama Film: Best Original Concept


Director Alexandra Maher (UK)


A desperate young woman (Emily Beecham) must overcome amnesia in order to understand her strange surroundings and finally be reunited with her daughter.

Short Drama Film: Best Actor; Angela Bell


400 Days Later
Director Stephen Bell (Canada)


When a global pandemic hits and theaters shut down nationwide, stage actress Natalie finds herself coping with isolation, dwindling options and redefining what really matters in the wake of a changed world.

Best Comedy Short Film Actor: Daniel David Stewart


Spell It Out In Neon
Director Tammy Minoff (US)


A woman daydreams about her perfect lover.

Honourable Mention


Don't Let Go
Director Mel Orpen (US)


When Sam and Reggie get engaged, their future seems bright--until a terrible car accident leaves Reggie in a coma. And Sam must confront Reggie's homophobic mother to fight for a place at her hospital bedside before it's too late.

Short Drama Film: Best Cinematography


Losing Grace
Director Athena Mandis  D.O.P Beatriz Delgado Mena (UK)


A mother forced to flee from her abusive partner with her daughter finds short-lived refuge, until she is unwittingly tracked down, with dire consequences.

Comedy Short: Best Editing


Best Friends
Director Craig Talbot (UK)


A group of women compete to appear to be the best friend.

Honourable Mention


Dreams From The Edge
Director Nicole Malone (UK)


A film about a young girl auditioning in Hollywood and trying to be in different productions. She’s rising and falling yet has a mother who used to be an actress. She’s negative towards her daughter and doesn’t want her to actually dream because she doesn’t think that it is worth it because it didn’t work for her.

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