We require a suitable representative to attend the festival for all successful entries. For example; the filmmaker, director or producer must attend the festival & screenings and to be willing to participate in a five minute Q & A session after the screening of their film. And also to participate in press & photo calls if necessary. We do not screen or officially announce winners without the attendance of one or more of the official film representatives at the festival.  ** We will review this rule nearer to the festival with regards to the Covid-19 situation **


VIP tickets are available here:


We encourage all attendees to dress in Regency costume for the Gala Award evening. Costumes can be hired in advance and collected at the festival. If Regency costume isn't for you then please dress in elegant evening attire.


Notifications for all films will be announced via email or telephone, no later than 27th August 2021.


Costumes can be pre-ordered at the festival discounted price and ready to collect from the festival hotel on your arrival.


JAIFF accept no responsibility for festival attendees’ health and safety, although every effort will be made to ensure you have a welcome and enjoyable time throughout the festival. We strongly suggest that festival attendees secure their own personal health/liability insurance.


Further information and useful website links will be added in due course.

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