Our international award-winning film

Plastic Fingers

The perverse tale of a mime with a disturbed mind.

Filmed on location in the Grade II listed Sydney Gardens, Bath, England.


"White-collared conservatives flashing down the street
Pointing their plastic finger at me
They're hoping soon, my kind will drop and die
But I'm going to wave my freak flag high."
Jimi Hendrix, If 6 Was 9.

A mentally tortured mime seeks to entertain the public but is haunted by the criticisms and demands of his dead mother, struggling with guilt he tries to keep a grip on reality. Always striving forward, he pursues his dream by following his heart and performs with greater artistry and flair by facing up to the enemy within.


"This is a film that understands the pain that artists must endure for their art and the very personal tragedy that represents the disapproval of a loved one, a visual representation of what goes on inside the hearts and minds of those who suffer for their art." A snippet from the Oaxaca FilmFest review on IMDB.

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